Maya Salami

BSc (Hons) Bachelor of Science in Chinese Medicine.

MBAcC Member of British Acupuncture Council


I graduated from the University of Westminster, since then I worked in the university’s Polyclinic and finished a postgraduate internship.  My acupuncture practice covers a wide range of internal, musculoskeletal, weight, stress, and anxiety related conditions.

I follow a holistic approach to therapy, with the overall wellbeing of my patients at the centre of my practice, even if I was treating a localised trauma injury.

Before my Chinese medicine, acupuncture degree I obtained a Bachelor degree of Art and science in Applied Mathematics from the City University of New York. The combination of Mathematics and Acupuncture provides me with a unique insight and opportunity to combine Methodical algorithmic approach to my holistic therapy practice, which makes my treatment strategies robust and efficient.